The Fake Steve Austin Update, Whipwreck Backstage, HBK's Return

Strange update regarding the "fake" Stone Cold Steve Austin scam at a Wal-Mart in Indiana. The police officer involved in the process has resigned and been charged with misconduct after allegedly pocketing money while investigating the Wal-Mart scam. Here is the article: They don't make 'em real smart in Greensburg, Indiana, do they? A local cop has been busted allegedly for pocketing the cash duped fans forked over for autographs from a fake "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. We'll explain. According to prosecutors, 37-year-old Indiana State police officer David L. Scudder was called to a local Wal*Mart last month to investigate the phony Austin. When they got there, prosecutors say Scudder asked the suspected fake's "promoter" to hand over $166 — of his own money. Scudder allegedly gave the man a receipt — but didn't mention to anyone that he had taken the money. A police report filed days later didn't mention the cash or the receipt — but claimed the money "was returned to the fans at the scene." That's news to the bilked fans, says the DA, who says none of the victims got their money back. After an investigation was launched into the incident, Scudder resigned from the force.


Former ECW wrestler Mikey Whipwreck was backstage visiting at the Great American Bash PPV last weekend in Long Island, NY. Whipwreck trained current WWE Smackdown stars Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder and was able to witness their first tag team title win.

As mentioned earlier, the poster for WWE Unforgiven in September features Shawn Michaels. He is expected to appear live next Monday and I can tell you that's way earlier than they had planned to bring him back. Things always change.