TNA Knockout Breaks Leg In 'Sid-Like Fashion' At Indy Show

One TNA Knockout is going to be out of action for a very long time.

According to various eyewitness accounts online, new TNA Knockout Mickie "Moose" Knuckles reportedly broke her leg after diving off a high platform at the IWA Mid-South presents Summertime Black & Blues indy show in Joliet, Illinois earlier tonight.


A wrestler dove off a high platform earlier in the show, said to be former WWE developmental Robert Anthony under his masked "Egotistico Fantastico" gimmick. Knuckles didn't want to do the same exact spot, so she went on an even higher platform near the announcing area. According to Ed Chuman, who is the promoter for NWA Midwest Wrestling, Knuckles took a jump from a high platform and came down with all of her weight on one leg. Sara Del Ray, her opponent for the match, tried to catch her, but was unable to latch on to the free-falling 185-pound women's wrestler. Chuman compared the injury to Sid Vicious' severe leg fracture at a WCW event in January 2001, but in her case, the leg snap was above the knee.


Here is what Chuman posted on the message board regarding Knuckles' incident earlier tonight:

I just got a call from some of the boys at Ian's show tonight. They said Mickie broke her leg doing a dive. From what I understand she landed on one leg with all her weight & it snapped like Sid's did back in WCW, but above the knee. This is a very sad thing too have happen to her especially with her work in TNA at present. I'll I can say is how sorry I am to hear this, and wish her the best in her recovery.


It seems that someone else did a dive, and Mickie didn't want to do the same dive, and decided to dive off some balcony, or higher position. Sara tried to catch her, but as stated before she came down on 1 leg, and that was that. I've now heard from Joey, Jason Dukes, Sara through Kong who already heard all the way in Tampa.

Another message board poster said that Knuckles ended up breaking her femur, which is the thigh bone.

The IWA-MS show was immediately canceled and an ambulance was called to tend to Knuckles.

One person in attendance said on the message board, "I was there and it was really bad to watch. As soon as it happened you just saw everyone get up and they waved Ian over right away and he made them cut the cameras too."


Knuckles was expected to sign a contract with TNA, but it is unknown if she actually signed the deal as there is a lot hearsay going around regarding the finality of the matter. She was originally brought into the company a few weeks ago as a bodyguard type for "The Beautiful People" after former WWE Women's Champion Jazz declined the role due to pregnancy. Knuckles was in the midst of strong push in TNA, having won matches on the past two editions of Impact.