Two Stars Miss iMPACT! Tapings, Nash vs. Joe Update, More

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Volador Jr. and Averno didn't make the last set of iMPACT! tapings once again due to VISA issues. The paperwork was completed late, and there was a hold up at the U.S consulate in Mexico City due to the fact that they are having to process so many work VISAS. Their paperwork should be complete this week, and there is no fear that they will miss the Victory Road PPV.


A Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe match, which was once thought to be slated for Bound for Glory, looks now to be held before that, likely in September. TNA is trying to brand Bound for Glory as their WrestleMania and realize that they need a big time main event for the show.

Many in the company are supporting Samoa Joe as world champion to his face, but there are concerns behind the scenes. Many are questioning his drawing ability due to his look, which is not the traditional headlining physique. But with Kurt Angle out, TNA is drawing well for house shows and Joe is selling a lot of Polaroids after the shows. Not Kurt Angle level, but main event level with some of the others.