Was Flair At RAW Monday?, Why Mysterio Wasn't On RAW

Austen Allen sent this in: WWE has a new article up promoting The Dark Knight and asking everyone to vote on the darkest nights in sports entertainment. Some of them aren't exactly what you'd call "dark".


In addition to attending last night's Smackdown taping in Charlotte, Flair was also at the Raw taping the night before in Raleigh. He was not used on TV or off-the-air before the show on Monday. Flair's daughter Ashley was in attendance and was spotted sitting right behind the Raw announce table, although she was never identified. The general feeling is that they didn't want an arena full of people screaming "WOO" or chants for Flair before Raw went on the air. It was different in doing it last night in Charlotte since he was advertised locally.

Rey Mysterio was not used on Raw this week because he still hasn't fully recovered from his torn biceps injury. It is little known that his bicepts got infected and required more surgeries after the original. A decision was made to bring him in following the initial Draft show to shoot an angle with Santino Marella to get him over as a new star on Raw and use him in an easy match that didn't require much on his part. Mysterio is expected to be back in a few weeks to return full-time from that point on.


Roy Sutherland sent this in: There is a new WWE.com video game called "Out Think The Fink" and The Fink asks you questions and you have to try to guess them.