What's Dawn Marie Doing These Days?, Test, Bagwell, & More News

Individuals portraying Hulk Hogan, as well as Barry Bonds, former Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson and actor Sylvester Stallone, are on the cover of the soon to be released Bigger, Faster, Stronger DVD, scheduled for Tuesday, September, 30. The tag line reads, "Is is still cheating if everyone is doing it?"

The Memphis Wrestling promotion will be starting up on television soon for fans in the area. They ran a show last Saturday at the Autozone Park in Memphis featuring a number of former WWE stars including Joey Mercury, The Barbarian, Koko B. Ware, Pat Tanaka, Kid Kash, Andrew "Test" Martin and Buff Bagwell, as well as Jerry "The King" Lawler. When the group is back in full swing, it looks like these guys will be the promotion's regulars. The show ended with Lawler challenging Buff Bagwell to a match.

Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie has helped launched a website aimed at helping people who have chosen a career in professional wrestling and are having financial and health care issues as a result. Wrestler's Rescue plans on holding two separate events to help raise funds to support the health care needs of retired wrestlers. They plan on holding a convention as well as a semi-formal dinner on Sunday, September 14, 2008. The events will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Piscataway, New Jersey. For more information on the organization and their upcoming events, visit WrestlersRescue.org. For some reason, the domain name doesn't work if you add the "www" part in the URL, so you have to visit the site without it.

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