What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

David Winston sent in this report:

Michael Cole was booed when he came out.
Definite sellout – the place was packed to the rafters.

Lillian looked much hotter in that white miniskirt live, and it was very nice of her to take pictures with fans during the commercial breaks. She started a USA chant after a rendition of the National Anthem that brought tears to my eyes.


In the 1st dark match, Hacksaw beat Striker with a spear. Big pops for Hacksaw. It brought back memories of him and JYD in the old Mid South shows that would come to New Orleans in the 80's.

In the second, Dibiase pinned London for the victory. D'Lo Brown looked really strong.

Before coming back from commercial, Jillian's head mic wasn't working when she first tried to sing, which got big cheers, then boos when they passed her a hand mic.

Live, we couldn't hear what Kane was saying when he flipped out, but after watching the recording of the show, and could hear him saying "is he alive or dead?" so it makes a little more sense.

After going off air, Cena talked about how Jerry Lawler was a hero for defending Cole, and Cole didn't deserve that. Then he said the people of New Orleans didn't deserve to see something like that. He commented on our great hospitality, pride, and how good everyone was to him as he made New Orleans his home for five months while filming his movie. Then JBL came out to say that nobody in the rest of the country cares about Cena or New Orleans. Then Cena challenged him to a fight (it was really not a match).


Definitely a Cena town – huge pops, and nothing negative.