WWE Giving Away Money, Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern, More

WWE is apparently giving away a Limited Edition WrestleMania XXIV Chopper Die-Cast as a gift to subscribers of WWE 24/7. They sent out a letter saying, "Dear Valued Customer & WWE Fan, In connection with your purchase of WWE 24/7 On Demand, you have qualified to receive a Limited Edition WrestleMania XXIV Chopper Die-Cast (the "Chopper Die-Cast") as a gift." However, there is a problem. They then wrote, "As a result of several factors, including the earthquake in China that led to an initial manufacturing delay, followed by unforeseen tooling problems, we are unable to ship the Chopper Die-Cast gift by the original stated delivery date. Unfortunately, we cannot yet predict when we will be able to ship your Chopper Die-Cast. Please accept the enclosed limited edition t-shirt created by WWE and Orange County Choppers, which is available only to those affected by this delay, as our way way of apologizing to you for the delay and thanking you for you patience." The shirt features a WrestleMania 24 logo as well as an image of a Chopper. Anyway, the letter then gives you two options. You can either maintain your order for the little Chopper Die-Cast and wait for it become available, or cancel your order for the Chopper Die-Cast and a receive a check in the amount of $24.99, the value of the toy.


WWE will be returning to the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. four months from now on Monday, December 1, 2008 for another Raw taping. Flyers were handed out after the show saying so. It's interesting to note that show is being advertised as a Raw/ECW show, so perhaps it's still on after all. WWE makes their annual trip to the Middle East during the first week of December, and last year, everyone that went on the trip went to an army base in South Carolina directly after Raw for the flight. Last year, WWE held their SmackDown/ECW tapings that week on a Sunday due to an international tour later in the week.

Jesse Ventura was a guest on Howard Stern this morning. Jesse was on the show for over an hour and discussed a number of topics, including a wrestlers union, Hulk Hogan pimping his children on TV, politics, 9-11 conspiracies and more. One of the more interesting parts of the appearance was Jesse discussing an angle he proposed to Vince McMahon for this year's WrestleMania in Orlando. Jesse toyed with the idea of running for President and wanted to kick off his campaign at WrestleMania. The angle Jesse pitched was that Vince would announce that WWE would be getting into politics because he did not like the current candidates and would ask the fans to get the WWE Party on every state ballot by organizing a campaign. Once WWE was a legit political party, Vince would announce the Presidential candidate?himself. Jesse then said he would come out and confront Vince and say no way would he allow that and he would work an angle with Vince at WM where he would have won and gone on to be the WWE candidate and actually run a real campaign. Seriously. Jesse said Vince never got back to him about it, but that Vince would be sorry – because Navy Seals don't get mad, they get even.