Yet Another TNA Release, Abyss' TNA Future, Backstage News

Add Rellik (Johnny Stamboli) to the list of those done with TNA. James Mitchell will be leaving TNA soon. The decision to cut Mitchell was made a week ago. Why? I don't know as he's one of the best talkers in the business and still had about a year on his contract.


There is a push within TNA management to try and keep Doug Williams past this Sunday's Victory Road PPV and the end of the World X Cup.

Abyss is not getting much TV time for a few reasons. He was set to feud with Scott Steiner upon his return but Steiner suffered a knee injury and needed surgery. TNA also fears overusing Abyss as they think they exposed him too much before his time off. During his time off, Abyss was working backstage, learning different aspects of the business, but he has stopped that since returning to TV.

TNA is scheduled to run a show at New York City's Grand Ballroom on 9/5. That is on the top floor while the Hammerstein Ballroom is on the bottom floor.