Ashley Says Strip Club Rumors Are False, Nunzio Update, Edge, More

As reported earlier, an adult venue in Long Island, New York, advertised the appearance of "five gorgeous girls from Playboy" including former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro, for last Wednesday. Ashley has posted a new blog on her MySpace page debunking the advertisement. Apparently it was false advertising on the part of the venue as she claimed she was no where near the strip club, or ever will be. Ashley wrote, "Hey a-holes that said I was appearing at a strip club last week. Dead wrong. I was no where near nor will I ever be, doing a SIGNING and or appearance in a strip club, I actually found it quite funny while I was at home updating my myspace. All of these so called news sites saying I would be there. Apparently tmz even wanted to talk about it. So crazy! So, for anybody that actually went there to see me and didn't, I apologize for the lack of responsibility on many peoples parts. If I had known about this sooner I could have tried to fix it before anyone went there to see me. But alas I was alerted to it probably the same time as you guys. So anyone who went to that place to see me. Sorry you got duped, I'll be sure to make another app. soon in NY to make up for that."

Former WWE star Nunzio is advertised to return to the JAPW promotion on Friday, September 19 in Beachwood, NJ as well as Saturday, Sept 20 in Jersey City, NJ. He will be going under his real name, James Maritato, on the independent scene.

There was discussion yesterday that Edge would be held off television this week, and possibly longer, to sell that he had been "sent to hell" by The Undertaker Sunday night at Summerslam.

From Jeremy Moses: Members of a fast growing social networking site now have access to quite a few WWE clips. Members of now can watch clips from RAW, Smackdown, ECW and past PPV's on the site's TV section. The site has 20 million page views each month and is the 4th largest networking site in the nation.

This week's ECW on Sci-Fi will feature Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry in a SummerSlam rematch. Also, Ricky Ortiz will face a debuting wrestler as part of Teddy Long's "new talent initiative."

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