Backstage WWE Release News: Stevie Richards & Colin Delaney

In regards to the Stevie Richards release, he had always been described as a hard worker, but it has been clear for years that no matter how hard he worked that he would be stuck at a certain level for the rest of his career. He generally always helped Shane McMahon over the years when he would return to the ring by helping him get back into shape. Richards was always said to be praised by WWE agents for his work at house show events, but was never a "favorite" among creative because he would come up with ideas (something they usually like), but he reportedly got aggressive about telling people ideas and rubbed them the wrong way. He also never shook the "ECW" label in the eyes of many who looked at him as a minor leaguer as many ECW talent were never looked at as huge stars. It should be noted that Richards had prepared for a release from WWE for years and was well prepared if it had ever gone down.

As for the release of Colin Delaney, he had signed a three-year deal a few months ago, but never got over as the character they wanted him to be (ala Mikey Whipwreck) on the ECW brand. His heel turn on Tommy Dreamer fell flat and the opinion was that they did all they could with the character. He was already back in the ring working an indy show last Friday.

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