— Shawn Michaels’ real-life wife Rebecca took a stiff shot by Chris Jericho and had a nasty fat lip that really swelled up when she arrived backstage after the segment.

— CM Punk was busted open the hardway when JBL fell back and their heads clashed. That looked nasty during the replay they showed. I’m sure Punk needed stitches after that and likely had one hell of a headache.

— I don’t have this confirmed by anyone just yet but I heard from one source that JBL may have injured one of his arms. His fingers were shaking real bad during and after the match backstage. I’m told there was a tingling feeling at points during the the match. Stuff like that can be associated with the neck and back. I’ll try to confirm this tomorrow.

— Santino’s unabrow is somewhat of a backstage rib which is why they really emphasized it at SummerSlam during the backstage segment.

— For those who missed it, Santino Marella is now the IC champion, and Beth Phoenix reclaimed the Women’s championship after defeating Mickie James and Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam.