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Last week's edition of iMPACT! drew a 0.87 cable rating and 1.2 million viewers overall. Despite the low rating, the show ranked No. 2 on cable in its time slot in the Males 18-49 demo, drawing a 0.77 (down from 0.80 the week before) The show also drew a 0.57 in Males 35-49, way down from the 1.13 rating the week before, so you can see where the show took a hit. In segment-by-segment notes, the Matt Morgan promo & squash match was a big ratings loser as his segments lost 165,000 viewers. The Beautiful People with Karen Angle interview segment and in-ring debut of the Sheik Abdul Bashir character (taking on Jay Lethal) gained 55,000 viewers. Interviews with Booker and a tape of Sting with Kevin Nash from after the pay-per-view gained 124,000 viewers and drew the show's best rating at 0.91. The big Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash vs. Team 3D match was a ratings loser, losing 69,000 viewers. A match featuring Christy Hemme vs. Taylor Wilde and tons of post-match stuff involving the Knockouts gained 55,000 viewers. The Hernandez vs. James Storm match stayed even. The heavily-hyped Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles amateur rules match with the ring ropes down lost 14,000 viewers.

For the 8/7 iMPACT!, the show drew a 0.98 cable rating and 1.5 million viewers. The actual rating was down, but viewers per home were higher than usual. In the demos the show did a 0.80 in Males 18-34 (best rating since 4/3) and 1.13 in Males 35-49 (best since January). In the Womens 18-49 demo, the show drew a 0.64, the demo's best rating since Impact went to two hours. The show also did a 0.98 among male teenagers and a 0.86 in Males above the age of 50. Here are the segment-by-segment notes. The Sonjay Dutt vs. Curry Man match lost 61,000 viewers. The Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed match as well as the "Karen's Angle" segment with Frank Trigg lost 77,000 viewers. The Beautiful People lost viewers for a change as a promo from them as well as Kurt Angle lost 107,000 viewers. The LAX & Christian & Rhino vs. Beer Money & Team 3-D match gained 31,000 viewers. The Salinas vs. Awesome Kong match as well as a number of post-match run-ins by the Knockouts gained 184,000 viewers and drew the second highest quarter hour of the show. Promos from Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles lost 122,000 viewers. The main event featuring a gauntlet match was a ratings hit as it gained 214,000 viewers and notched the show's peak rating of a 1.07.

TNA announced in an article on the company website earlier today that Traci Brooks has been named the head official of TNA's "Knockouts" division. Going by the storyline, Jim Cornette has put Brooks in charge of the division, so she will be keeping things in order and ruling over the matches. The article features in-character comments from Velvet Sky, Gail Kim and Jim Cornette, which you can read at TNAWrestling.com.

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