More On Kurt Angle's New Reality Show, Another TNA Knockout Injured

Footage from a proposed reality series starring Kurt and Karen Angle recently popped up online. The series is being produced by Horizon Entertainment and they recently produced a pilot for the show. It's called The Real Angle. I saw a teaser of the show, but the video is now password protected on the site it's on. The video trailer features footage from both TNA and WWE, as well as comments from Kurt and Karen Angle discussing Angle's past drug use, his infidelity, Kurt's drug addiction, Karen demanding he leave WWE, Kurt nearly overdosing as his daughter cried for him to wake up, his move to TNA, and more. He also curses up a storm when talking about former boss Vince McMahon. The video trailer features additional footage of Kurt training for MMA (saying it as a "fight" he's taken), attending his daughter's dance class, babysitting, and being examined for a shoulder injury. The project appears to be a "deeper" reality show, the complete opposite of Hogan Knows Best. On the infidelity front, in the trailer Kurt talked about a woman he was cheating on Karen with, who is not identified. The women in question threatened to kill his wife according to Kurt in the video. Back in 2003, a African American woman by the name of Deann Siden of Inkster, Michigan was accused of harassing Angle (and his wife) as he traveled across the country with WWE. According to a 2003 article, a police chief by the name of Capt. Leo McCarthy said, "She would follow him around from venue to venue and telephone his hotel, telephone his home, cancel his airline reservations, threaten his family and threaten his children. It got very, very serious." According to a police report, "The actor has left numerous phone messages on the victim's answering machine stating that she was having Kurt's baby and that he needed to take responsibility for their child." Karen added, "It's very scary to be told I wasn't going to make it through my pregnancy. I was afraid to go to the grocery store. I went in to have my baby and she was here in Pittsburgh." The women in question was eventually put in jail for some unrelated charges, although police had plans to arrest her for stalking. "This girl has been stalking and harassing me for over a year, terrorizing my whole family," Kurt Angle said. "I'm completely relieved she's in jail now. I want this to be over with." You can read a May 2003 article on the situation and see a picture of the woman Angle allegedly had an affair with at On another note, this isn't the same female stalker Bret Hart and Ric Flair dealt with in the past.


TNA Knockout Raisha Saeed, or rather, the woman underneath the Burqa, Melissa Anderson, suffered a serious leg injury on Thursday during a routine workout at her local gym, reports Anderson appears on Chickfight shows and she informed them that she needs to stay off the leg for 7 to 10 days and that any travel is out of the question. This could force her to miss the next set of iMPACT! tapings a little over a week from now. Chickfight had no choice but to remove Anderson from today's show in Ipswich, UK. The TNA Knockout is said to be very upset over the situation. Anderson recently opened a website. She posts blogs and pictures of her travels on it. You can visit the site at and send her well wishes.