Nash Pissed Again At The iMPACT! Tapings, Primo Colon/WWE, D-Lo

WWE does have some plans for Primo Colon but you wouldn't have thought that after seeing his quick RAW debut with Mike Adamle two weeks ago. WWE actually had a few different segments planned for Colon that night but they got cut out because of time constraints due to all of the disorganization backstage at RAW.

WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart teamed up at last night's FCW TV tapings in Tampa to defeat The Bella Twins in the dark main event. Other WWE Superstars at the show included Vladimor Kozlov, who defeated Kafu and Primo Colon, who teamed with his partner Eric Perez to lose in a match against the FCW Tag Team Champions Nick Nemeth and ECW's Gavin Spears. Other part-time TV and developmental Superstars Scotty Goldman and Ryan Braddock also worked the show.

D-Lo Brown was announced for next week's tapings.

Apparently Kevin Nash had more problems with TNA's creative team at the iMPACT tapings this past week. The word going around is that Nash was upset with the booking plans for his match Kurt Angle and he also had issues with some of the backstage segments. Nash ended up going with the plan for him to lose to Angle but he has lost some respect within the company. You could clearly see a pissed off look on Nash's face when the referee made the three count on iMPACT last night. One TNA office worker noted that, "He needs to go, it's getting out of hand." As posted earlier, Nash's contract with TNA expires in October and he has been telling people that he could return to WWE as a bodyguard for Shawn Michaels. There's suspicion that Nash is leery of TNA jobbing him out before his deal expires.

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