New Jillian Hall Photos, DVD Sales Figures, Hawkins/Ryder, & More recently conducted a rare interview with TNA star Abyss, and he doesn't stay in character. He primarily talks about video games -- TNA's upcoming game as well as games from the past. In wrestling video games, he usually picked the larger wrestlers. "Abyss wasn't available, so I don't know. I usually picked the big boys, so maybe Earthquake, Slaughter, Dibiase, those guys. I usually liked to match teams that I didn't see in real-life, so Warrior and Dibiase maybe, someone like that," Abyss said. He also gave his thoughts on seeing himself in the upcoming TNA video game. "Yeah man, it's unbelieveable. I can't believe the technology, and when I saw it on a HD screen, it's amazing that it's video and not reality. The graphics and detail is what amazes me the most. It's top-notch and the highest quality around. It's such a big accomplishment to have a game second to none in the world. It really feels good for the whole company," Abyss said.

Here are the top units shipped figures for the company's DVD releases so far this year: Wrestlemania 24 (305,000), Triple H (233,000), "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (221,000), The Rock (160,000) and The Hardys (140,000). has posted a brand new photo shoot of Jillian Hall in a small white top dubbed "Wind Swept." Hall was actually used this past Monday at the Raw taping in Knoxville, Tennessee. Jillian (badly) sang "Georgia On My Mind" before the crowd during a commercial break. has a story on Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship at The Great American Bash. In case you don't know, they made history by becoming the youngest champions to hold tag titles in the history of WWE. Hawkins said, "What we've accomplished is pretty spectacular. I want people out there who are over the age of 23 to stop and reflect on what they were doing at our age, because what have you accomplished? I know Zack Ryder and I are 23 years old and we're already WWE Tag Team Champions."

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