Report: Bob 'Hardcore' Holly's WWE Future In Question

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bob "Hardcore" Holly is no longer being used by WWE right now and at age 45 he may not be brought back.

The feeling among those within WWE right now is that someone like The Undertaker would have to go to bat for him one more time if they were going to consider using him on a regular basis. It's no secret that Holly has a reputation for being much like a Japanese wrestling veteran in that he works very stiff with newcomers and carries an old-school mentality that they have to prove they can "survive" in a tough profession.


Holly did this same thing with Brock Lesnar by sandbagging him on a power move that forced Lesnar to overpower him and Lesnar ended up dropping Holly, breaking his neck. For those wondering why WWE didn't go any farther in his promo with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr., the company decided against airing promos done by Holly as they didn't feel the interviews were good enough and they just decided to drop it. Many have compared Holly's role in WWE to the one that Funaki has in that Vince McMahon always keeps them around, but never has any plans to ever do anything with them.

It'll be interesting to see if we see him back. Some really feel strong that we will not.