Regarding Takeshi Morishima’s dark matches for WWE last week, the reviews weren’t too positive. Or rather, the problem seems to be with his physical appearance.

A number of officials were put off by Morishima’s appearance, as he’s quite rotund. Some of them even thought Morishima disrespected his tryout by showing up in lackluster shape. Morishima is a big guy though as he’s billed at 320 pounds. He has the Samoa Joe look.

Jim Ross wrote a blog on Saturday regarding Morishima and said he needs to hit the gym and work on his athletic conditioning. On Morishima, Ross wrote: “I haven’t heard a word about how well his matches went. I watched his match in Moline and it was o.k. Not bad, not great. It looks like Morishima might want to focus on his athletic conditioning and hit the gym more frequently. I am not being negative here only realistic. Morishima has “something” that seems like it might be worth exploring. I like his timing and there is no doubt potential with this young man.”

In addition to this, if WWE were to bring him in, they would have to deal with a number of stringent political issues with NOAH officials because his side wants him to get some exposure in North America while still being their guy, then bring him back to Japan to carry the company after hopefully attaining stardom with the biggest wrestling company in the world. Basically, WWE can’t book him like a joke or make him look bad.

Right now, it’s definitely not looking good for Morishima joining WWE. That will make ROH fans like myself extremely happy. We all know that his style would be changed and slowed way down if he were to join WWE. It seems that Matt Sydel (Evan Bourne) is the only guy in WWE who is able to work his faster paced style. Everyone else is told to slow it down.