Thanks to Joseph Roderick for sending this in:

Just wanted to shoot you an email telling you that last night's Smackdown couldn't have been more heavily edited.

To start the live show Vickie came out and gave the exact same speech she gave to start the taping. The crowd was going nuts booing her and giving her the "What?" (which, by the way, it the most annoying thing to listen to on TV, but really fun to do live). Later on in the tapings they showed Vickie talking on the big screen but there was no audio, therefore the entire audience was silent trying to listen to her. That ended up being what they showed at the beginning, I'm guessing to make it seem like we now like her.

They also edited the crowd noise when she welcomed back the Undertaker. Trust me, she was getting some heat but it didn't look like that on tv.

Also, one funny note . . . during HHH's speech, he messed up when trying to say he would leave as the WWE Champion. ( I think he said he would leave as the WWE Championship). He stopped right away, said "let's re-cut that", then afterwards stopped again and remarked, "isn't editing great".