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“Hell In A Cell” Match
Undertaker vs. Edge

Edge came out first doing his maniacal faces as he made the ring. Undertaker came out next to a huge pop while Edge smiled with a crazy grin.

Edge started teeing off on Taker early before being met with a big boot from the Dead Man. Taker then threw Edge over the top rope and drove Edge into the cage. Undertaker continued to brutalize Edge and La Familia was shown in the back watching the match.

Taker brought the ring steps in the ring and was going for snake eyes on Edge, but Edge was able to counter it and drive Taker into the steps. He then speared Taker into the steps and nailed Taker with the steps again when he got up.

Edge then went other the ring and brought out tables and chairs and nailed Taker with some hard chair shots to Taker’s spine. He then went under the ring and grabbed a ladder and then hit another chair shot to Taker’s head. He setup a ladder and then Taker with another unprotected chair shot to the head. He then set Taker on a table and climbed to the top of the ladder with a chair and splashed Taker chair first through the table. He went for the first cover of the night and got a two count.

Edge went for the conchairto but Taker was able to block it. Taker hit a big boot and knocked Edge to the outside as he regained the advantage. He then brought the steps to the outside and hit Edge with them. He tried to drive Edge into the ringpost head first, but Edge reversed and Taker went into the ring pole head first. Edge placed Taker against the Edge and went for a spear that knocked Taker through a section of the cage! They are now outside the ring with Taker dominating.

Outside the ring Taker threw Edge into the railing, and then Edge was able to crack Taker’s skull with a monitor. Undertaker stood up on the Raw announce table and Edge got on the Smackdown announce table and charged the Undertaker, running across two announce tables and spearing Taker with both men breaking the table and hitting the ground. Very brutal match so far and they still have a lot of time to go.

Finally they went back into the cage and back in he ring with Edge going in first. As Taker went in the ring, he was met with a ladder to the face. Edge got a television camera from under the ring and nailed Taker with it and got a two count. Edge went for a spear but was met with a chokeslam, but Taker only got a two count. Taker then went for a powerbomb, but Edge hit a low blow. Edge then hit an impaler DDT for a two count. Taker was able to get up and went for the last ride on a table outside of the ring, but Edge got out and hit a spear for another two count. Edge started punching away at the Undertaker in the corner but Taker was able to turn it into the Last Ride and only got a two count!

Taker then got Edge up on the steel steps and went for a piledriver, but Edge reversed it and drove Taker back first into the steps for yet another two count. Edge got Taker up and went for old school, but Taker pulled away and chokeslammed Edge from the top rope through two tables outside of the ring!

Taker threw Edge back into the ring and speared Edge! He then grabbed the TV camera and cracked Edge hard with it, breaking the camera over Edge’s skull. He then hit the conchairto on Edge. He got Edge up and hit the tombstone to finally get the three count. Excellent match, one of the most physical ones I’ve seen in a long time.

Winner via pinfall: The Undertaker

After the match as Undertaker was heading to the back, he saw Edge getting up and then went back to the ring. He put Edge up on a ladder, then grabbed another ladder and set it up next to Edge’s. Taker climbed the ladder and said something like “Now you go to hell”. He grabbed Edge by the throat from the top of the ladder and chokeslammed Edge through the mat! It’s been a long time since they’ve done that spot. Flames then came up from the hole in the mat as Jim Ross exclaimed “The Undertaker has sent Edge straight to hell” and the show came to a close.