The Beautiful People Talk Ratings, The Gymini Backstage, More

The Miami Herald has a full-length article on "The Beautiful People," Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. The duo spoke out on a number topics including the women's division of TNA, the high ratings the women's segments have been getting, TNA making history with the women's division, egos in wrestling, who they're TNA characters are based on, how they landed jobs in TNA in the first place, and more. On what sets the TNA women's division apart from other forms of women's wrestling, Velvet Sky said, "The women's division in TNA definitely sets us apart from any other form of women's wrestling because we offer something called variety. None of us looks exactly the same. There's blonde hair, dark hair, red hair, no hair. It sets us apart because we all look different. We all dress different. We all wrestle different, and we don't offer fluff-n-nutter that you see elsewhere. We're hard hitting." Here is what they said on the women getting the main event spot on last week's Impact. "You would never see that, the women be the main event, but the ratings speak for themselves. The guys in TNA work their butts off. There's no doubt about it, but in the history of wrestling, nobody has ever looked at the women," Love said. Sky jumped in to say, "Just because it's such a male dominated business." Love finished her statement saying, "Nobody has ever looked at the women as actual `competition' for the men. It's just always been like, "Oh, the girls' match." Sky added, "Until now. The ratings speak for themselves." They're asked if women's wrestling can be compared to the men's. They say it already has. "It already has. Before the Knockouts division, I would say, 'No,' because look what the prime focus of the competition of women's wrestling was. It was bra and panties matches. It was lingerie. Swimming pools, Jell-O matches, pillow fights. That will not compare to any form of men's wrestling," Sky said. "Now with the Knockouts, we're getting the highest-rated segments on the show. We wrestle, and people want to see us. They're demanding to see us. They're actually tuning in to see us."


Former WWE tag team The Gymini were backstage at an iMPACT! taping last week.

The TNA website has posted some new trailers of the TNA "iMPACT!" video game from Midway, which is set to be released in September. You can see the new trailers at