Michael Hayes and Brian Gewirtz were told of the hiring of Freddy Prinze Jr. last week, while the rest of the creative team found out during their flight to Raw on the corporate jet. Most of the writing team were impressed when they met Prinze. He was said to be outgoing, enthusiastic and very much anxious to contribute. He is also very knowledgeable of the current WWE product but was said to be "hit or miss" on major wrestling history. Prinze was flown in to Raw and treated "equal to an Undertaker-level top star" and not like a regular member of the writing team.

For those who missed it over the weekend, Ed Koskey is now the head writer for the ECW brand.

The reason that ECW is taping with Raw on December 1st is because the Smackdown tapings will be the day before, due to an International Tour.

WWE.com has an article up on Shawn Michaels' injuries which include a detached retina and cracked ribs. Check out the article at WWE.com.