WWE Lies In 'Did You Know?', Ric Flair Notes, ECW, & More News

This past Monday night on Raw in their weekly "Did You Know?" bumper, WWE proclaimed that last week's edition of Raw was the most watched show on cable television on Monday night (July 21, 2008). The bumper read: "RAW was the most watched show last Monday on cable television." However, according to an article the Associated Press put out this week regarding the cable ratings for July 21-27, TNT's The Closer was the most watched show on cable for the week. The Closerwas watched in 5.32 million homes and by a total of 7.06 million viewers. The Closer aired on Monday, July 21, the same night that "RAW was the most watched show" on cable television according to WWE. According to the Associated Press, the 10 p.m. airing of the 7/21 Raw finished in seventh place for the week, drawing 3.34 million homes & 4.96 million viewers, far below The Closer's 5.32 million homes & 7.06 million viewers figure. The 9 p.m. airing of Raw was watched by 3.06 million homes & 4.49 million viewers, finishing in thirteenth place for the week. Additionally, the 10 p.m. airing of the 7/21 Raw got beat out by a second cable show that Monday night. TNT's Saving Grace finished in third place for the week. The second hour of Raw drew more viewers (4.96 million viewers to 4.57 million viewers), but Saving Grace was watched in more homes (3.50 million homes to 3.34 million homes). As a result, Saving Grace finished ahead of the second hour of Raw for the week.


WWE's Nature Boy Ric Flair: The Definitive Collection DVD set was knocked from the top spot on the Video Sales – Recreational Sports DVD chart on Billboard.com by the NBA Champions 2007-2008: Boston Celtics DVD in its first week out. The Flair DVD finished in second place for the week. You can see the complete chart at this Billboard.com. This is the first WWE DVD to get beat out in the top spot of Billboard's Recreational Sports DVD chart in quite a while. Just last week on the 7/22 edition of ECW, WWE ran a bumper saying that WWE outsells MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, college sports, and NASCAR in the sports DVD category.

Tuesday's edition of ECW drew a 1.4 cable rating. This number is down from a year-high rating of 1.5 last week.