WWE RAW Results (8/4)

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, August 4th, 2008 (USA Network)
Location: The Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tenn.
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Raw starts

Mike Adamle says he is the new General Manager of Raw. The crowd hates him. Adamle says there once was a man who wasn't taken seriously and was bad at his job. He's talking about Ronald Reagan. He went on to be one of the most successful presidents ever. Reagan once acted with a monkey, and Adamle once called Jeff Hardy "Jeff Harvey." We all learn from our mistakes. But people want his resignation. That's our right, but it's not an America he wants to be a part of. He wants to be a part of the land of opportunity. He believes in an America where anything can happen, which is why he booked Lawler to team up with Cole last week. He's sorry that didn't work out. He wants to see three championship matches tonight;


Simply Priceless vs. John Cena and Batista

JBL is out to interrupt. He congratulates Adamle on his new position. JBL agrees. First impressions can be deceiving and he uses himself as an example. JBL says they're from the same cloth. They are born winners. Cena vs. Batista is a winning announcement and he wants Adamle to announce JBL vs. CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Chris Jericho is out now! JBL says this doesn't concern him. Jericho says it does. He says he put out Michaels and he deserves the title match against Punk. JBL says he beat Cena at The Bash. Jericho says the last time he faced JBL he beat him too. Jericho says he's in a league of his own. JBL and Jericho talk trash to each other. Adamle tells them to knock it off. Adamle has an idea. A 2-On-1 Handicap Match, Cena and JBL vs. Punk. If Jericho or JBL get the win, they get the title match. But if Punk wins, then neither gets the title shot.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Paul Burchill

Lock up and a take down by Burchill. Burchill works the arm but Kofi rolls through only to get dragged down again. Kofi fights up and counters and scores a 1 count. Burchill takes over with elbows and a shoulder knock down. Kofi hits a spinning back elbow though, and then his leaping corner bunches. Thrusts by Kofi and an uppercut gets 2. Kicks by Kofi now. Katie Lea avoids a kick on the apron but the distraction allows Burchill to take over. Burchill gets 2 off of a neckbreaker. More elbow strikes by Burchill, but Kofi scores 2 off of a roll-up. Burchill comes back and applies a arm-trap chinlock now. Kofi fights up and counters with an arm drag. Burchill runs into a series of boots and knees and gets telegraphed. Dropkick by Kofi followed up with a flying forearm. Springboard crossbody gets 2. Kofi's feeling it and hits the THUNDER CLAP! Trouble In Paradise finishes it.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Katie gets in his face post-match, but Kofi avoids a charge by Paul. Kofi sends Paul to the back and Mickie James is out now.

Women's Championship: Mickie James vs. Katie Lea Burchill

JIP with Mickie in control. She hits a flying forearm and fires off with kicks and forearms. Mickie hits a low dropkick to send Katie to the floor and then dives off the apron with AIR MICKIE! Back in? and my picture goes. I've got a black screen here. We're back and Katie gets 2 off of a fisherman's suplex. Mickie comes back and scores the win following a DDT.


Winner: Mickie James

Beth Phoenix attacks post-match and lays Mickie out with a wheelbarrow face plant. Santino comes out to cheer Beth on. Beth gets a handful of Santino ass. Santino contemplates returning the favor and slaps her ass back. Pretty hot stuff here, a few pics are now online.

We gets clips of Austin shenanigans from 1997 to advertise 24/7.

Mike Adamle talks to Stephanie McMahon on the phone. Santino and Beth show up. They want title matches. There's only room for one more title match as 'Slam though. Santino says he wants want the Glamazon wants? to see him as Intercontinental Champion. Beth tells him to make the match for the Women's Championship. Santino says he doesn't to be Women's Champion. Adamle makes a mixed tag for Summerslam, with both titles on the line.

We get a video package for John Cena.

Todd Grisham talks to Batista. He wants the tag titles but doesn't want to team with Cena. If beating Cena at Summerslam gets him closer to the world title, he'll do it. He wants Cena to stay out of his way.

Layla dances around in the ring.

Earlier today, Jamie Noble tells Layla he made reservations for the waffle house. Layla says this isn't working. Layla says he keeps running his mouth and gets his assed kicked. She says she doesn't associate with losers.


William Regal interrupts Layla. He has something to say. He wanted to remind us who he is. He's William Regal, our King. He earned that title by winning the King of the Ring tournament. He says it is his duty?

Jamie Noble interrupts. He tackles Regal and they slug it out! Fists of fury! Referees are out to separate them. Layla has no idea what's going on.

Backstage, CM Punk walks.

An Adamle Original: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho and John Bradshaw Layfield

Jericho is rocking short tights now. I'm not sure that works. According to King, Lance Cade has a broken nose, hence his absence. Did I just see a "I love Chris Hero" sign?

Mike Adamle says this match has a 10-minute time limit. If they hit the limit, we get a triple threat at 'Slam.

Jericho and JBL argue so Punk attacks them but that pesky numbers game catches up to him. They beat him down with punches and kicks and a double shoulder block. Punk manages to back drop Jericho to the floor but gets caught by JBL who hits a Fallaway Slam for 2. Clubbing blow by JBL now. Right hands in the corner by Layfield. JBL hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2 more. JBL knocks Jericho off of the apron now! On the floor, Jericho reverses a whip and sends JBL into the steps. Back in and Jericho stomps the crap out of Punk and hits a back suplex and a back splash for 2. Half-nelson sleeper applied by Y2J as we're at under 7 minutes left. Punk powers out, and elbows out but runs into a big kick to the gut. Jericho goes to the middle rope and hits a big fist drop and covers to get a near fall. Scoop slam by Jericho. He heads up top at 6 minutes, but Punk catches him up there and goes up. Jericho fights him off and hits a spinning flying elbow for 2. Abdominal stretch applied by Jericho now, bad strategy. 5 minutes left. Punk arm drags out of the hold and hits Jericho with knees. JBL in from behind and hits a clothesline for 2. Jericho pulls him off and gets 2 on Punk. Jericho and JBL slug it out now and Jericho runs right into a big boot. On the floor, JBL bounces Punk off of the announce table. JBL rolls Punk in and Jericho hits the LIONSAULT! JBL pulls Jericho to the floor and they brawl. Back in and they slug it out. Punk springboards into a clothesline to JBL. Punk blocks a bulldog attempt from Jericho and pushes him into the middle turnbuckle. 3 minutes left on the clock now. Forearms by Punk and a leg lariat. Running knee/bulldog combo to JBL!Running knee to Jericho, and JBL accidentally takes out Jericho with a shoulder tackle! Punk has JBL? GO 2 SLEEP! Jericho breaks it up but gets caught with a scoop powerslam for 2. Rights by Punk, under 2 minutes. Punk catapults Jericho into JBL and rolls Jericho up for 2. Jericho rakes the eyes to counter the GTS. Walls of Jericho attempt? It's locked in! Under a minute left! Punk fights and crawls towards the ropes but Jericho pulls him back to the middle of the ring. JBL boots Jericho in the back of the head and shoves him to the floor. 15 seconds left? 10? Jericho hangs JBL up on the top rope and JBL falls back onto Punk to get the win with 1 second left!


Winner: JBL

Shawn Michaels is ready to join us via satellite. We see clips of the Jericho/Michaels match at The Bash. Shawn says he's been better. Doctors are monitoring his eye condition. Michaels says this is a result of a culmination of injuries. He's been wrestling with a broken rib for four months and has recently had knee surgery. He has a re-evaluation of his eye on August 15. He will come to Summerslam to announce what the future holds. But for the first time in his life, he will listen to the doctors. If they tell him that there's too much risk to his eye, then he is prepared to walk away. He's enjoyed performing for the WWE throughout his career but he loves his family more. Jericho said he shoud look back on a wonderful career and spend time loving his wife and children and he is thinking maybe that is what he should do.

Matt Striker's Classroom

He is our teacher. He thanks Michael Adamle to finally compete as a member of the Raw roster. He is sure Adamle will chose the best competition to display? BANG!

Kane is here!

Kane vs. Matt Striker

Kane blocks a boot and hits a clothesline. Striker gets caught with an uppercut. Big boot. Irish whip, clothesline, sidewalk slam. Kane up top, flying clothesline. The chokeslam finishes it.


Winner: Kane

Kane grabs his little bag. He goes to the floor and to the announce desk. He scares away the timekeeper. He has a microphone and heads back to the ring. He's been in a bad place, but he's better now. He looks at the bag and says he's not alive, he's dead.

We are shown a video package on Batista to hype up his match at SummerSlam against John Cena

Backstage Todd Grisham interviews John Cena, Cena takes us back to WM 21, Cena won the WWE Title on the same night Batista became World Champion. He then takes us to WM 23, Cena and HBK took on each other for the WWE Title while Batista and Undertaker stole the show in deciding the World Champion. Cena says the time has come when the 2 paths cross, he says one of two things will happen tonight, either he and Batista win and become Tag Team champs, or they lose and tear each other apart, Cena says he hopes they win.

Backstage Kelly Kelly enters GM Adamle's office, she congratulates him on his work tonight, she then mentions Kane. Adamle says we will have an Adamle Original next week when he tries to find out what is in Kane's bag, Adamle then says if Kane doesn't want to give it up, he will TAKE it from Kane! Haha! Good Luck Mike!

World Tag Team Championship ? Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena & Batista
Cena gets a HUGE pop, bigger than Batista's. This match went nearly 15 minutes so it was given lots of time. DiBiase had a sleep hold on Cena but Cena returned the favor. Batista tags in and hits a visious spear on DiBiase. Batista goes for the pin as Cena throws Cody Rhodes outside the ring. Batista gets the pin and we've got NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – Batista & John Cena. Cena and Batista pose with the belts, still teasing the tension between the two, as RAW ends.