WWE Release Update: Why Chris Harris Was Fired

Lots of news coming out regarding the seven releases by WWE last Friday, with one being announced early on Thursday night involving Braden Walker (aka Chris Harris). Reports are that the company already had a lot of talent coming in and it isn't believed that any of the talent cut were going to do much for them in the future.


In regards the Braden Walker/Chris Harris release announced last Thursday, it was a rather quick release as he just made his TV debut in early July for ECW. His situation has been described as a guy who had a string of great matches in TNA and when he got to WWE, they were down on him and suddenly he didn't know how to work that style. The talk within WWE was that he went out there like a guy whose confidence was beaten out of him in his matches on ECW. Harris was said to have had a lot of heat on him to begin with in how he carried himself backstage, but no one can really pinpoint if he did one thing to cause that reaction among the wrestlers. One assumption is that he might have carried himself as if he had done something in the wrestling industry already in his time with TNA in the America's Most Wanted tag team with James Storm and in WWE, that is a big strike against you to have had some success elsewhere unless you come in and admit right away that what you did didn't count. The overwhelming opinion was that Harris didn't do well in his debut TV match with Armando Estrada on ECW and didn't come across well on his pre-tapes either.


It should be noted that a lot of people within TNA were described as being all smiles when hearing of Harris' release from WWE because many wrestlers have the idea in that leaving TNA for WWE that the "grass is greener on the other side", but that was not the case for a few stars who have made the jump (see Frankie Kazarian, although Monty Brown shouldn't really be used as an example since his family issues is what caused his eventual release).