WWE Shoots All Over Damian Demento, Backstage SD! Note, More

Former WWE star Damian Demento is covered in this month's wacky character from the past feature (entitled On No You Ditn't) in the latest edition of WWE Magazine, which has Batista on the cover. There's a fifteen-year-old photo of Demento in his costume and the magazine picks apart his appearance. They also call him a "curtain-jerker." Here is what they wrote: Damien Demento Curtain-jerkers come in all forms, but none more insane than Damien Demento. Although he was in the main event during the first Raw telecast, Demento is probably best remembered for dressing like an extra from The Flintstones. Goatee Every good Superstar needs some killer facial hair, but Demento's dime-store Fu Manchu looks like it was slapped on using Krazy Glue. Tooth-Ridden Apparel Is it just us, or do Demento's shoulder pads make it look as though he's about to be swallowed by a giant Venus Flytrap? Wristbands Demento's bondage gear makes him look like one of the illiterate slaves exiled alongside Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes. And that's being nice.


In a backstage segment on last Friday's SmackDown, Ezekiel Jackson was seen in the background reading a book while The Brian Kendrick was cutting a promo. Some readers who looked closely say Jackson was actually reading The Cat in the Hat, not The Art of War. It's noticeable as he's turning the pages.

WWE.com has deleted Mick Foley's profile from the SmackDown section, which should confirm his departure from the company. They sometimes leave the pictures & bio up, but those pages were deleted too.