WWE SmackDown! Results - August 01, 2008

Source: Gerweck.net

- This week's edition of Smackdown starts out with a recap of last week's show where Vickie Guerrero announced that it will be Undertaker vs Edge inside Hell in the Cell at Summerslam.


- The Cutting Edge is advertised for later in the show with a special suprise guest.

- Jeff Hardy comes to ringside and takes a seat in front of the announcers table. MVP comes out and cuts a promo. He talks about Jeff's wreckless life and says he will never ever be WWE Champion because he lets his personal life get in the way.

(1) MVP vs Jimmy Wang Yang. Not much to this match as MVP is dominating. Yang is coming back a bit. MVP wins after a stiff kick to Yang's face.

- Hardy gets on the mic after the match and says if MVP ever mentions his home, life or dog ever again he will show him what king of man he is. MVP trys to cheap shot Hardy but gets caught in the Twist of Fate.

(2) Non-Title: Mr. Kennedy vs Shelton Benjamin. Nice back and forth match thus far. Kennedy is very over as a face but I liked him much more as a heel. Kennedy gets the win with the Mic Check in a pretty decent match overall.


- Backstage Chavo asked Hawkins and Ryder who Edge's special guest would be tonight and they said they had no idea.

(3) Brian Kendrick vs Stevie Richards. Your basic squash match. Kendrick wins this one easy with the Sliced Bread #2.

- Edge is shown walking backstage.

(4) Jeff Hardy vs Great Khali. This match is awful. Hardy is getting in some offense but not much. Khlai wins in around 13 minutes with the head vice. This wasn't very good.

- A video for R-Truth aka Ron Killings aired. He talked about spending time in prison.

(5) Maria vs Victoria. Another bad match. Maria is very sloppy in the ring. Maria wins with a top rope clothesline that hardly hit Victoria at all.

- Backstage Edge tells Alicia Fox that he purchased her a ticket and she needs to go and sit in the crowd.

- A video hyping Triple H is shown.

(6) Big Show d. Domino. Nothing to this at all. Show wins easy with a Chokeslam.

- Edge hosted the Cutting Edge with Mick Foley as his special guest. He talked to Mick about his infamous Hell in the Cell match with Undertaker. Edge then attacked Foley and put him on a table. Edge then set up a ladder and jumped off it crashing down onto Foley and through the table. They showed replays of it to end the show.