At least as of a few days ago, Gail Kim has not signed a contract with WWE, but the talk over the weekend is that she’s leaning towards them. She decided to talk with TNA again before making her final decision to see if they would be willing to offer money close to what WWE was offering. There is a still a huge difference between the two offers and people close to her are saying that the odds of her returning to TNA are rather small. If TNA offered Kim nearly the same amount of money WWE’s offering, she’d likely be staying with them.

Former ECW Superstar Braden Walker (Chris Harris) has posted a note on his official website,, saying he’s happy to be free (from WWE). Here is what he wrote: Sept 9, 2008 – Glad to be Free! I wanted to send out a quick message to let everyone know that I am ok. Getting my release was the best thing that could have happened. If you could have seen the condition I was in every day you would understand. I now need to pick up the pieces, make myself better, and find my passion again. Thank you for the support and as soon as I can collect my thoughts you will hear from me again. Cat

Roger Ebert has posted a positive review of The Wrestler, which you can read at Ebert said Mickey Rourke could win an Oscar nomination for a career best performance.