Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson took part in her first-ever "shoot interview" last night with RF Video. The interview is said to be emotional and more details regarding it will be released tomorrow.

Former WCW star Ernest "The Cat" Miller is playing the main heel in the movie The Wrestler. The role is opposite actor Mickey Rourke's character. The film is being directed by one of the movie industry's most respected directors, Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain), who just won the Golden Lion award at for the best picture at the Venice Film Festival. Ernest Miller was in attendance at the Toronto premiere of the film and will be at the New York premiere as well. On Miller's acting talents, Rourke said, "Ernest Miller has natural acting talent and was a pleasure working with him." Miller has a head shot on

Jake Roberts was involved in a somewhat strange incident at the 9/12 Firestorm Pro Wrestling show in Ohio. The video below features Roberts cutting a promo, then having a match with JT Lightning that does not go well, and then Lightning ripping apart Roberts on the mic.