? Since returning to the SmackDown brand, there is some major heat on the WWE Champion Triple H, mainly for him going out of his way to make the younger talent look bad on camera, especially guys like MVP and Shelton Benjamin. A lot of the guys backstage were upset about Triple H’s recent promo and have went to The Undertaker for a resolution. The Undertaker agrees with the younger talent and says he understands how they feel. The belief is that a backstage showdown is coming between The Undertaker and Triple H, due to the way the WWE Champion treats people in the locker room. Many people think that Triple H would get his way in the end, but the one person that Vince McMahon respects and trusts the most above others is The Undertaker. In the end, this would all lead to a match between the two at WrestleMania 25, where the Undertaker’s winning streak could possibly end. I REALLY don’t expect Triple H to be the one to end ‘Taker’s streak though. There has always been heat between Triple H and ‘Taker but neither ever confront each other face to face about it. People say it’s a very awkward situation.

? The win over John Cena that Batista scored at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view was meant to be a message to him of a vote of confidence. Batista was critical of wrestling Cena in the first place on such short notice and felt the match should have been saved for WrestleMania, like originally planned. It’s believed Batista feels he will never be in the spot he was three years ago when he was the top guy in the company and his feud with Triple H drew big. With the talk of Batista wanting to take more time off, some feel that it’s just his way of making noise knowing that he can be frustrated and people will react in a way that they wouldn’t for other guys on the roster, such as Carlito. One person close to Batista says he will be shocked if The Animal takes time off because he loves the lifestyle, the attention and being a star. Batista is likely making in excess of $2 million per year and at 40 years old, he has to realize he doesn’t have a lot of years left in the ring.