In the Arena:
Mike Adamle comes out and says that CM Punk may not be able to work tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match because of what happened earlier tonight. He says that if he can’t, he’ll find a suitable replacement.

– Big Show’s music hits as he comes down to the ring. On the mic, Big Show tells the crowd ‘hi’. He says that he would like to make a suggestion to Mike Adamle – if he’s looking for a suitable replacement for CM Punk in the World Championship Scramble that he look no further than the World’s Largest Athlete. He says that even Mike Adamle would not leave him out of a Championship Scramble match like Vickie Guerrero did. He says that he is sick of the way that Vickie is running SmackDown. Big Show tells everyone to go SmackDown their vote. He then refers to the WWE Mobile text vote question and asks the fans if they would vote for him to be in the Scramble. That gets a big pop as he thanks the fans. Here comes Vickie Guerrero.