has released the content listings for the upcoming Viva La Raza! The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero three-disc DVD set. The DVD set is packed with matches as well as segments of his former peers talking about him. For people in the UK, through Silvervision the DVD set comes with an extra DVD containing the two Eddie Guerrero Raw/SmackDown tribute shows that aired following his death in November 2005. The fourth disc is missing two segments: Chris Benoit’s emotional remembrance of Eddie on Raw, as well as the main event on SmackDown between Chris Benoit and Triple H.

As reported earlier today, WWE will be holding a SuperShow at the Air Canada Centre on Monday, December 22. It’s actually going to be a television taping for all three shows for the week and not a house show, so WWE won’t be taking the week off from storylines during the holidays for the first time since 2000. Devin Cutting sent word that the annual Tribute to the Troops show is scheduled to air in place of Saturday Night’s Main Event on December 20 with the show in Canada being a television taping. Also, apparently Jim Ross saw the posting as he wrote a note regarding it in his latest blog put out this afternoon. Ross wrote:

“From what I understand, and I could be wrong, the upcoming December 22 WWE event in Toronto will be a TV shoot. Whether it is or not, it is always great to return to TO for any reason. Tickets for this one will go fast one has to assume. Not a bad “stocking stuffer” idea for the holidays. I hope it is a broadcast event as TO is one of my favorite cities.” has added a profile on Ryan Braddock to the SmackDown section.

Jim Ross is back with another blog entry at Some highlights:

Hardy Gets Stitches: “The #1 contender for the WWE Title, Jeff Hardy, received 6 stitches in Barcelona, Spain but will miss zero ring time and this is not considered by any means a serious injury nor will it affect Jeff’s in ring schedule. This sort of thing, while unpleasant, goes with the territory.”

Ric Flair & Coca-Cola: “I read where Ric Flair “lost” a deal with Coca Cola but I am under the impression that “Naitch” was only in casual talks about he possibility of working with Coke down the road in the Southeast and this was never a done deal.”

Mr. Perfect’s DVD: “As discussed here when we previewed the Mr. Perfect DVD several weeks ago, this one is a keeper and is selling big time. I continue to strongly recommend that wrestling fans, especially old school fans, check this one out. Curt was a great showman but his in ring wrestling skills were truly outstanding especially before he began having back issues. Curt was another second generation, success story.”