J.R On Austin At 'Mania 25, Vladimir Kozlov In Line For Mega Push, More

? Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. Ross on Steve Austin working one more match: "Steve could do well with many guys including HBK, John Cena, Edge, and Chris Jericho. No one would like to see Austin in one final match any more than me, but I really think that ship has sailed. If it doesn't happen at WM25 then I don't think it ever will. Ross on whether ECW will become a two-hour show and take an edgier approach: "My guess is no to both questions. ECW's talent roster is essentially young and w/o depth. Being PG attracts more potentially lucrative advertisers. Going PG makes sense to me. Ross on the Sept. 15 Raw rating: "Well a 13.7 cable rating is stout for Cowboys-Eagles but it all comes back that if any program contains what the audience wants to see they will watch it. No excuses from me."

? Vladimir Kozlov is in line for a mega-push on SmackDown. WWE officialy have high hopes for Kozlov, and it looks like he could be a major player sooner rather than later. Jerry Jarrett was actually the one who delivered Kozlov to WWE. Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter originally passed on Kozlov because they didn't want to spend money on a wrestler who couldn't produce immediate dividends, as TNA was not yet a profitable company at that point.

? To update you on the Nick Hogan story from earlier, TMZ is now reporting that the son of The Hulkster will be released from jail on 10/21

? The new WWE Magazine features a listing of the Top 50 WWE names today. The top three, in order, are WWE Champion Triple H, former World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk and The Undertaker.