WWE.com has uploaded several pictures from their live events overseas last week.

Prior to last night's Raw taping in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dolph Zigler beat D-Lo Brown in a dark match.

The return of Triple H and Shawn Michaels as DeGeneration X on last night's Raw was done to get Hunter in front of the Raw viewers to draw more interest for SmackDown's move to MyNetworkTV. WWE uses the DX team for special occasions as the merchandise still sells well.

At an independent show for the IWS promotion in Montreal on Saturday night, former WWE star Joey Mercury came out in his "MNM" outfit with his old theme music playing. Before his match with Kevin Steen, he said in a promo that he'll be back in WWE at the 2009 Royal Rumble. At a Maryland Championship Wrestling show last month, Mercury said he was going to be back in WWE by the end of the year. Mercury was released from his WWE contract on March 26, 2007 due to issues with drugs. We've posted before that CM Punk is playing a role in getting his friend Mercury back into WWE.