Report: LAX Walks Out Of iMPACT! Last Week

Homicide and Hernandez left the building shortly after filming one of their segments at an iMPACT! television taping last week. The two are under the impression that the creative team has plans to break them up. Rumors have been swirling that TNA has plans to push Hernandez as a singles wrestler. However, Homicide, as well as Hernandez, want to continue working as a tag team. The latest word out of last week's tapings is that the two will continue working as a team.

On another note, their contracts with TNA are coming up. Hernandez' contract is set to expire in December and he's been telling friends that he's demanding TNA double his salary. Also, Homicide is one of the ten contracts expiring next March-April we recently reported about. His contract with TNA is set to expire early next year. That brings the expiring contracts list (that we know of) to eight with Christian Cage, Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, ODB & Robert Roode, as well Homicide & Hernandez.

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