The Latest HBK Injury Update, Big Daddy V's Health, SD! Storyline Plans

Shawn Michaels is having his triceps tear evaluated today. Michaels told people last night that he would work his PPV match on Sunday no matter what but there is concern that his injury is serious. Stay tuned.

While plans are always subject to change, the working idea for the Smackdown WWE Championship Scramble at Unforgiven was for the winner to defend the title on the show against The Undertaker in what would be an angle involving Vickie Guerrero awarding Undertaker a title shot as a peace offering.

Former WWE Superstar Big Daddy V did an interview with and was asked about his WWE release. The former WWE King of the Ring winner responded with the following: "You know what, man? I got sick. I went down with pneumonia. I got sick and it ravaged my body a little bit. I'm feeling better now better than I've felt in many years. Me and WWE decided together that I'd take a little time off. I'm getting into movies now. I just finished my first movie a few days ago in Utah. I'm very excited about doing something new. I just want to send a shout out to all my fans. Thanks for all the support. The well wishes and everything, but Big Vis is very healthy and I'm doing very fine."

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