Update On Kevin Nash & Christian Cage Leaving TNA

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the feeling within TNA right now regarding Kevin Nash or Christian Cage signing new deals is 50/50. In both cases for Nash and Cage, the feeling is wondering how badly WWE wants them or not.

Nash is reportedly negotiating in giving TNA the idea that WWE wants him as there is a potential short-term role to walk into as a bodyguard for Shawn Michaels to counteract Lance Cade, but with timing issues there really isn't anything to that right now. He has stated many times that he is very limited when it comes to working in the ring and how the TNA schedule gives him enough time to rest up in between events, so going to a full-time schedule with WWE probably wouldn't be something he would want to do.

In regards to Cage, while there was heat on the way he handled his departure from WWE in jumping to TNA a few years ago, one source has described that as "water under the bridge" within WWE. One point has been made that with drug testing now the norm in WWE, the emphasis on having a muscular physique is the lowest it has ever been in the company's history and how that bodes well for Christian whose body has been his biggest hold-up in the opinions of many despite having top notch skills in the ring and strong promo skills.

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