Updates On Sid Vicious & Joey Mercury To WWE, Edge, Kane, More

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

An Edge DVD scheduled to be released in mid-November has been pushed to December. A three disc Kane DVD will be scheduled for November instead.

Former WWE star Joey Mercury stated at a recent Maryland Championship Wrestling event on August 23 that he had just talked to WWE's John Laurinaitis about a return to WWE in December as a tag team with his hold partner Christian York. Matthews is not taking any Independent bookings after December, so he either has a deal to come in with Christian York or at the very least thinks he does.

In recent weeks there have been a lot of rumors floating around regarding the possible return of Sid Vicious, 48, to World Wrestling Entertainment. Sid has made it clear he wants a final run with WWE, but considering that we still have yet to see him return, it would appear that they aren't interested. While we can't confirm that there is a deal in place, WWE talent head John Laurinaitis is pushing to bring him back to the company. In recent weeks he has been praising him a lot and pushing for his return to the creative team. Laurinaitis is looking to sign him and get him a good spot in the company. During the weekend of last year's SummerSlam, Laurinaitis was in town and scouted Sid Vicious at an indy show in New Jersey. Laurinaitis asked him if he would be able to pass a Wellness test, and Sid basically implied that he wouldn't be able to. That was pretty much the end of his possible comeback, until all these rumors started popping up.

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