Former WCW and EMLL star Norman Smiley started yesterday with WWE. Smiley is their newest developmental trainer down in FCW.

Daniel Short sent this in: I’m still trying to find the source, but there’s a report that Vampiro will not be part of tonight’s Dragon Gate show in Los Angeles. Apparently, he was the victim of a locker room theft on Sunday night in Mazatlan. Among his possessions stolen reportedly include his cell phone, passport, and travel documents. Vampiro was added to the Dragon Gate show last week replacing Dos Caras as Dragon Kid’s partner in the tag team match against Tozawa-juku when Dos Caras underwent eye surgery that would keep him out for two months.

William Romine sent this in: Just thought I would let people know that I received my subscription to Sports Ill. today and while flipping through it I noticed there was a little write up about Killer Kowalski. Small piece but still put a smile on my face, not to often you see a pro wrestler in their magazine.

I can report today that sales for the new Ric Flair DVD set through WWE has sold 31,820 copies. The DVD moved 18,000 copies in its first week of release and has averaged around 750 copies a week since then. The Flair DVD set sold in November 2003 sold 11,122 copies in its first week and did not drop below 1,000 every week after that until March 2004. The Ric Flair and Four Horsemen DVD release sold around 17,951 copies in its first week and didn’t drop below 1,000 per week after that until June 2007. So, of the three WWE Flair releases, this latest DVD hasn’t done the best.