Fan Comments On Scott Hall Bar Fight Incident - Details

Scott Hall was involved in another incident over the weekend at the Monroe Crown Plaza Hotel's restaurant in which he flirted with a woman who was with her husband and kids. The man in question sent a letter online detailing the ordeal. Here are some of the things the man wrote:

* "Scott Hall came in a short time later, sat down and appeared to start drinking heavily. Keep in mind this is about 5:00 pm. At first there was no issue. Mr. Hall seemed in good enough spirits and caused no issue. Things quickly turned as he began to make inappropriate comments to my wife. Without getting too graphic, he basically stated to my wife that I must have a lot of money because a "hot woman" like her would never marry an "ugly guy like him" and that she should come to his room later and that I would never know. Keep in mind as well this was in front of my 6 year old and 2 year old daughters and well before 6 pm."

* "He then went on to state that he would like to perform oral sex (I'm apologize if I am being too graphic) on my wife "every day."

Hall left the establishment, but came back a short time later.

* "Almost immediately when trying to round up our things Mr. Hall stumbled to our table and in front of my two daughters begun to again tell my wife again how "sexy and hot" she was and that she needed to be with him. He then touched her face twice. At this point I needed to be a responsible husband and parent and ensure the safety of my wife and children irregardless how upset that I now was – and believe me I was upset that this person would attempt to ruin the evening for my family for no reason."

* "I VERY politely told Mr. Hall that we were enjoying family time and that we would prefer to enjoy the rest of the evening alone. I then told him that my daughters were becoming very frightened. Mr. Hall looked at me, and began to yell at me calling me a "f**king mark" several times (I must have heard him say this at least 20 times throughout the evening in making fun of someone who asked for a picture or autograph. Of course, he said this after they left – at least we know what Mr. Hall really thinks of the fans that now support him at these shows). Again, he was using this profane language in front of my 6 and 2 year old daughters. At this point my six year old began to shake and cry uncontrollably and I told my wife to get them out of the restaurant right away. Once I was sure they were safe, I came back and asked Mr. Hall what was his problem and he just walked away in a stupor."

* "I did not realize at this point that several other customers in the restaurant had already complained to management as well about his behavior. I was told after the fact by one group of customers that Mr. Hall had allegedly stuck his finger in his nose and attempted to put it in their food."

* "I talked to the police to let them know what transpired as well as heard from other customers who were equally disgusted with his actions. I was also told he harassed and attempted to intimidate hotel employees. Due to the fact that what Mr. Hall did to my wife and family was considered harassment and a crime, I was asked by the police if I wanted to press charges. I declined…The man appears to have serious issues that need to be addressed."

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