Is Perry Saturn Even Alive These Days?, Shelly Martinez Update, & More News

? No one seems to know where former WWE/WCW wrestler Perry Saturn is. Some of his closest friends actually believe he's not alive, but no one has proof one way or the other. At the funeral of Killer Kowalski, the whereabouts of Perry Saturn was the number one topic of conversation with a number of his friends saying they didn't believe he was alive. I did a missing persons check this morning and found nothing.

? In an interesting match-up, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka & Axl Rotten will be teaming up to face former WWE star Salvatore Sincere & Dino Divine on Saturday, November 22 at the York County School of Technology in York, PA.

? Former WWE Diva/TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez has plans to continue her career in professional wrestling as she is set to start in the AAA promotion in Mexico, if she hasn't already. She was slated to make her debut in the promotion last Friday. She will be part of a faction – Degeneration Mex, Foreign Legion or one of the goth groups. AAA officials had an idea for her to join Degeneration Mex on 10/15, but plans between her & the company weren't finalized in time. Degeneration Mex features Sean Waltman, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans.