Four-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas is no longer working at a Target department store. He’s since returned to his previous line of work as a teacher. He’s currently teaching history at a middle school in his hometown of New Brighton, PA as Mr. Martin. The school website lists a phone number for a “Homework Hotline” from Mr. Martin. Martin informed people of his new job at the Legends of Wrestling convention held over the weekend.

Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible appeared at the Legends of Wrestling convention in Monroe, New Jersey and was telling people he recently graduated from culinary school and is currently working as a cook at an Olive Garden restaurant (reportedly in Waterbury, Connecticut). Credible and former ECW wrestler Jason Knight are relaunching Assault Championship Wrestling this weekend. They are also training wrestlers in the Connecticut area.

Former ECW valet Francine is currently working as a booker for the Women’s Extreme Wrestling promotion, which frequently runs shows in the old ECW Arena.

The website did a post featuring a photo of former WWE Diva Dawn Marie. The post is not so much about her, but rather, a blonde woman she’s with. The post features the “Why So Serious?” tagline from The Dark Knight Batman movie, apparently making fun of Dawn Marie’s friend. I believe the photo was taken at Dawn Marie’s Wrestler’s Rescue event held last month. The woman is a friend of Dawn’s who’s gone to some wrestling events/conventions with her in the past year. The post has garnered over 160 comments from visitors thus far.