Todd Grisham, Matt Striker, & Francine All Lose Their Fathers

As noted earlier, both members of the ECW announcing team --- Todd Grisham and Matt Striker -- recently dealt with deaths in their respective families. Both individuals lost their fathers in two tragic cases.

A few weeks ago, Todd Grisham's father was hit by a drunken driver while riding his bicycle, who has since been arrested.

Matt Striker's father was eating a peach and a peach pit got into his windpipe, causing him to choke. He was hospitalized, and doctors then discovered he had an unrelated aneurism. Doctors performed a procedure and they were under the belief it went well, but he soon went into a coma. He'd been in the coma for a few weeks with Striker still coming to work for WWE's Tuesday ECW tapings. His father passed away over the weekend.

In the case of another ECW alum, former ECW star Francine Fournier lost both her father and sister to cancer last month. Francine was actually at her father's wake when she was informed that her sister had passed on. She wrote blogs on the situation on her MySpace account, which you can read at

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