? Following tomorrow night’s live edition of iMPACT! from Las Vegas, TNA Wrestling has two weekend house shows. TNA will run a show at the Family Arena in St. Charles, Missouri Saturday. On Sunday, TNA will run a show at the Show-Me Center Cape Girardeau, Missouri. TNA will return to Universal Studios on Monday and Tuesday of next week to tape the next two weeks of iMPACT!.

? The new “Kurt Angle: Champion” DVD is slated to be released on November 25th.

? The Chicago Sun-Times has conducted an interview with TNA Knockout Traci Brooks where she reveals that she has been suffering all her life from a condition known as Erb’s Palsy, which effects the nerves in her arms. The following are some excerpts from the interview: “My mom exercised my arm every day till I was two and I was also in a sling that was attached over my head in my buggy,” Brooks said. “I was one out of six kids with this condition at the time, and the only one to benefit in a positive manner due to mom’s persistence, dedication and the fact that she exercised me every day.” “I’ve been wrestling for nine years now, and if you are wondering, yes, it does affect me in the ring, both physically and mentally. We are in a very cosmetic business in which the focus is on looks, body and physicality. For someone such as myself, that is portrayed as a superstar, this is difficult. In my mind, I am just a girl with a disability and not perfect like we are perceived.”

? Chris Jericho will be hosting a new reality based competition show entitled “Redemption Song” which premieres on the Fuse Network on October 29th. The format of the show basically takes 11 women who have issues ranging from past drug addiction, attitude problems, alcoholism, etc, however, aspire to be professional singers. The women battle in weekly competitions and are eliminated until one woman is declared the winner.