Mexican wrestler and CMLL Heavyweight Champion Dos Caras Jr. announced that he was signing with WWE over the weekend and would be wrestling his final matches in Mexico over the next few weeks. He won’t be finishing up in Mexico with the CMLL promotion because of a fall-out between the two sides that he says is not his fault.

Caras is upset that CMLL didn’t come him to talk about staying once rumors got out of WWE having interest. Caras said CMLL is having major problems right now and thought it was hilarious that CMLL was worried he was going to take their Heavyweight title to WWE with him.

It was reported last month that Caras Jr., the nephew of legend Mil Mascaras, was going to sign a three-year deal with WWE along with his cousin El Sicodelico Jr. Caras Jr. had a WWE tryout match against Snitsky back in July and it was reported then that he turned down WWE’s offer for a deal when they wanted to bring him to Florida to teach him the American style of wrestling. Caras Jr. also has some MMA experience.