? As noted last week, Umaga should be back VERY shortly.

? As noted earlier, WWE held a talent evaluation camp at Florida Championship Wrestling headquarters last week for potential talents to land a WWE contract, even if they had no prior wrestling experience. Around 40 talents, many with no experience, paid $1,000 each for the evaluation camp where Johnny Ace promised at least one wrestler with no prior wrestling experience would be signed to a WWE contract. Ace made good on his promise as WWE signed a model/bodybuilder type by the name of Matt Walsh. Walsh is apparently this person (https://www.myspace.com/vinceice), a 26-year old from Philadelphia. We have heard nothing on anyone else being signed, so it would appear that he was the only one to pass WWE’s evaluation.

? In recent weeks, Vince McMahon has been talking about having the wrestlers work a more realistic style of wrestling. That’s one of the reasons former WCW wrestler Norman Smiley was hired (as a coach in developmental). Smiley was told he was brought in due to his background in the more realistic Japanese wrestling style. Basically, they don’t the wrestlers to sell moves that miss, and for the moves to look light. Also, instead of the old school pro wrestling style where a guy gets punched in the face, the guy selling would at least put his hands up in defense of the punch.