Evan Bourne Injury Update, Hiroshi Tanahashi/TNA, J.R, & More Notes

Hiroshi Tanahashi worked the TNA house shows this weekend.

The official word on Evan Bourne is that he has suffered a torn deltoid ligament and a dislocated ankle and has been fitted with a huge boot. We'll see how much time he'll need to miss and keep you posted here on the website.

MickeyRourkeOnline.com has photos and video from The Wrestler up.

Jim Ross, who seems to have turned into a non-stop blogging machine, has yet another new entry up: On Halloween: Speaking of Halloween and the generation we live in and what our society may look forward to in the future, some little 7 or 8 year old spoiled brat asked Jan if she had Kit Kat bars and she said no that she had Snickers, Milky Ways, M&M's and several other prominent name brand candy. After finding out that there were no Kit Kat bars the boy told my wife, "Keep your candy lady" and walked off. His mommy was waiting for the child in their Mercedes at the end of our drive way but what I would have given to have been at the door when the little jerk showed complete disrespect to someone providing him FREE stuff. On the Great Khali: I have no idea where the seemingly nicer Great Khali is going but I am thankful that he is heterosexual. Ranjin's sideburns are outrageous and are just a little width away from the lamb chop level, Honky Tonk Man level. Could these two natives of India, not HTM, be preparing to be the next comedy pairing in their native land? Stranger things have happened friends and neighbors. On Vladimir Kozlov: Said it before...I like where Vladimir Kozlov is headed but how much better would he be with a bona fide, main event level manager? BTW there are none available which speaks to the shape the business is in regarding talent development.

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