Fired WWE Stars To TNA?, Sting's MEM Role, Backstage News

No word from within TNA yet if there are any concrete plans for any of the recently released WWE Superstars. Ken Doane (Dykstra) is at least a name under discussion and they would like to use Super Crazy when his non-compete ends as they've already received indications that he would come in if an offer was made.

The match between Sgt. Slaughter and Pat Patterson that we posted on previously that Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe used for inspiration at Turning Point was the 1981 Alley Fight in Madison Square Garden. Jim Cornette put together the Beer Money vs. MCMG match.

Sting's role, where he is not in on the beat downs by the Main Event Mafia are being done for two reasons. First of all they are playing off the movie "The Godfather," where he watches the henchman to the dirty work and doesn't get his hands dirty. The other part is that if and when the decision is made to turn Sting babyface, they can bring up that he never fully joined in the beat downs.

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