? Former WCW and WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak is taking lessons in stripper dancing down in Mexico, I believe to go along with the current gimmick he is using for the AAA promotion.

? Devin Cutting sent this in: TV commercials for the WWE tri-branded house show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on December 13th, 2008 are advertising Triple H verses Vladimir Kozlov as the main event of that show.

? Lori C. sent this in: Update on WWE stars appearance on Tony Rock Project show It was advertised during the October 31 Smackdown that the episode featuring The Brian Kendrick will be featured along with Mr. Kennedy is set to be shown next Wednesday (November 5) beginning at 9:00PM Eastern on MyNetworkTV.

? johnathan72 sent this in: Just wanted to send along that any Playstation 3 owners with their PS3 connected to the internet can get the Smackdown vs Raw 2009 demo from the Playstation Store. Its a free download and worth it in my humble opinion. The graphics for the most part just look like slight updates of last year’s game. But the game is definitely improved in other aspects. In the demo you can choose a one on one or a tag match. For the demo The Hardyz and DX are usable. One on one is fine, just seems like last year’s game. But the tag match is vastly improved. While on the apron I was able to walk up and down the entire side of the ring I was on. You’re also able to pull down the top rope if your partner whips your opponent to the ropes. And the crowd noise during matches is vastly improved. During a Triple H vs Jeff Hardy singles match their was dueling chants of “Lets go Hardy” against “Triple H”. Looks like the game is going to be an awesome addition to the series.