Matt Hardy Addresses Knee injury, Foley's New Reality Show, Big ROH Match

Here is the latest on the planned Mick Foley sitcom. Comic Joey Kola is now attached to play the role of Foley's agent 'Barry Blumenthal," which is a nod to Foley's real agent Barry Bloom. Former adult star Christy Canyon will be playing an exaggerated version of herself as Mick's next door neighbor. Foley has written many times about Canyon in his autobiographies. They are looking for a "name actress" to play Foley's wife on the series. The untitled show is being shopped around to networks, and there are hopes that SpikeTV would be interested in picking it up. With Foley now a part of TNA, the hope is that it could play into the network's corporate synergy. They are continuing to develop scripts for the show, and there is talk of doing an MMA themed episode, with cameos from legitimate fighters.

In this week's edition of Samatha Brown's Travel Channel series, Brown attends a Lucha Libre event in Mexico. The series actually debuted over the weekend and will repeat this week.

One is both a former ROH World Champion and a former ROH World Tag Team Champion. The other is a former GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, a former GHC Jr. Tag Champion, a former GHC Openweight Champion, a former GHC Tag Champion, a former GHC Heavyweight Champion, and the current AJPW Jr. Heavyweight Champion. And now for the first time, Austin Aries and Naomichi Marufuji will collide within the confines of the ROH ring! Each competitor could be considered the ace of their respective promotions, and both men have their sights on the ROH World Title, and should Aries capture the World title in Dayton on November 21st, this could end also up as a World Title Match. Add this world class match-up to the previously announced Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima Fight Without Honor for New York City, as well as the participation of Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima, and this Philadelphia/NYC weekend is shaping up to be one of the biggest in ROH's history. Great seats are still available at for Philadelphia on December 26th and New York City on December 27th.

As reported earlier, ECW Champion Matt Hardy is nursing a sore knee but worked through it during WWE's lengthy European tour. Hardy hyper-extended his surgically repaired left knee during his ECW Championship match with Finlay last week, which was taped last Monday in Manchester. On his MySpace blog, Hardy wrote: I fortunately retained the ECW Championship in a hard-hitting, fantastic match against the veteran Irishman. Unfortunately, something none of you at home witnessed-because it happened during a commercial break period-was me painfully hyper-extending my surgically repaired left knee. I continued that match without acknowledging it to anyone but knew I had hurt it. After the match, I was examined and diagnosed with a slightly torn PCL and stretched ligaments in the back of my knee. I could finished the tour out, but had to do some major treatment, wrapping and bracing of my knee. And by the way, I thought going into this day I had tomorrow off because it was a Smackdown only taping. I find out at the end of the night I'm needed tomorrow for both episodes of Smackdown. I guess that's what you get for being a WORKHORSE, HA! Now I already have the stress of an extremely hard trip plus a knee injury. Welcome to the wrestling business boys and girls. I felt much better when I got back to the hotel, my Smackdown crew got in, and the ECW, Raw, and Smackdown crews hit the hotel bar. I think the entire WWE drank every ounce of alcohol and liquor in Manchester that night! LOL! Day 6 Manchester, England - I wake up and my knee feels absolutely horrible. I can barely walk. It's one of those moments when I ask myself how am I gonna do this.. How am I gonna perform tonight. After soaking and icing and treating and wrapping and bracing my knee thoroughly, somehow I do. I wrestled Shelton Benjamin in a Champion versus Champion match and came out victorious. I thought it was a helluva match as well. In case you're wondering, I was in excruciating pain the whole time. I also wrestled another tag match that will be featured on this week's Smackdown. I also wanna tell everyone that I was extremely proud of Jeff on this day as he had possible his best TV day performance EVER. That night, a little social time was had-but I actually got a good night's sleep. I had to-my knee and my performances for the week were depending on it.

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