Nunzio Speaks On WWE Firing, Sable/Lesnar, WWE/TNA Weekend Schedule

Former WWE Diva Sable is featured in in UFC President Dana White's latest video blog. Seven minutes into the blog, there is a segment on White talking with Brock Lesnar, which is followed by a chat with Sable about his upcoming UFC fight. She says she's nervous for Brock's fight this weekend against Randy Couture. She's says in WWE, they knew what to expect, but that's obviously not the case in the UFC. You can see the video at

Ric Flair will be signing autographs at Chickie's & Pete's Cafe in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 28th, 2008 from 2 to 5 PM. Tickets are on sale now. Only 600 tickets to be sold. For more information, check out (Thanks to Devin Cutting.)

Former WWE star Nunzio appeared on the radio show this past week. He was asked if he saw his release from WWE coming. "I wouldn't say I saw it coming, Nunzio said. "Just like any job, sometimes you feel like, you can see what goes on. You can look at the workplace. Maybe see how you're being used. Get different feelings. There have been other times I really wasn't sure. I actually, I wasn't surprised. Disappointed at times, I guess I could say…I didn't see it coming that day maybe. But obviously you always know it's coming one day. I think you'll always be surprised, I guess. Because you know one day, you're gonna get released. At the beginning, I was like 'Wow.' But as I thought about it and it settled in, there're a lot of things I've done. I thought about my whole life and what went on. I don't think I was surprised. I don't know. It's just still new I guess." He was also asked about possibly going to TNA. Nunzio said he has many friends in TNA, but since his 90 day clause with WWE hasn't expired yet, it's nothing he can do now. He said there are always possibilities for anything down the line.

Takeshi Morishima vs. Bryan Danielson has been announced for the 12/27 ROH Final Battle show at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Here is the WWE and TNA weekend schedule.

* Friday - Glasgow, Scotland
* Saturday - Aberdeen, Scotland
* Monday - Atlanta, Georgia [RAW/ECW Taping]

* Friday - Nuremberg, Germany
* Saturday - Berlin, Germany
* Sunday - Dortmund, Germany

* Saturday - Corinth, Mississippi
* Sunday - Huntsville, Alabama
* Monday - Nashville, Tennessee

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